Motto: Trebuie să aleg: raman floare si mă ofilesc, sau mor și devin fruct.

                                               Gustave Thibon

Cufarul Monicai

Din timp in timp, schimb universul.. – aleg un altul, aleg să devin fruct.. Spre exemplu, azi sunt o pară las minunile s’aPARA. 🙂 Catre seara, aleg deja sa fiu o gramada de pere: pot fi PEREche, oPERE si capodoPERE, rePERE precum si a sufletului incăPERE. 🙂 Si, chiar inainte de marea ruPERE, inainte ca frunza toamnei sa ma acoPERE, cer inimii sa sPERE si Cerului sa ma aPERE, fiindca’am sa las lumea să mă descoPERE.  😉

(by Mone)

got my house.
it still keep the cold out.
got my chair
when my body can’t hold out.
got my hands
doin’ good like they supppose to,
showin’ my heart
to the folks that i’m close to.
got my eyes,
though they don’t see as far now,
i know more ‘bout how things
really are now . . .

i’m gonna take a deep breath.
i’m gonna hold my head up.
gonna put my shoulders back,
and look you straight in the eye.
i’m gonna flirt with somebody
as they walk by.
i’m gonna sing out . . .

i believe i have inside of me
everything that i need to live a bountiful life.
with all the love alive in me
i’ll stand as tall as the tallest tree.

and i’m
thankful for each day that i’m given,
both the easy and hard ones i’m livin’.
but most of all
i’m thankful for
loving who i really am.
i’m beautiful.
yes, i’m beautiful,
and i’m here.